Class 1 Driver Training Courses

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Upon successful completion of this course you will have acquired the knowledge and skills to safely and efficiently operate a tractor/trailer vehicle and earn your Class 01 Driver’s License. Your training will meet and exceed industry standards. Training is ongoing and courses are offered on a continuous basis.


Minimum Age: 19 years
Obtained by verbal request at a BC Access Center at no charge. You must be pre-screened by ICBC before you can write your Learner’s License.

Class 1 Learner's Licence:Study the “Driving Commercial Vehicles” manual which is available at your local ICBC Driver Services Center or Services BC Center Office at no charge. If you require help in obtaining your Learner's Licence we offer Classroom Theory. Licensing requires a knowledge exam and there will be a $15.00 fee for this exam. Any outstanding fees and/or fines owed to ICBC must be paid.

Government Certified Air Brakes Course:16 hour course if taking Driver Training. When course requirements are concluded you must write the Qualifying Knowledge Exam at Service BC Centre within the specified amount of days. There will be a $15.00 fee for this exam. If this exam is not completed within the time limitation the complete course will have to be repeated.

Detailed information is provided on each of the courses listed below.
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Additional Costs:

These costs are over and above the driver training fee and are government fees payable to ICBC to complete your Class 01 or Class 03 license. THESE ARE NOT part of Fox Professional’s fee structure.

  • $ 60.00 Road Test Fee
  • $ 15.00 Learner’s License
  • $ 15.00 Air Brake Knowledge Test
  • $ 17.00 License Renewal Fee
  • ( $ 75.00 if within 6 months of expiry )
  • $ 28.00 Medical Exam Processing Fee
  • $ 180.00 (approx.) Doctors Fee for Medical Exam.
Students need to provide the following:
Safety Glasses
High Vis Vest or Jacket with High Vis tape
Proper footwear - (running shoes with some grip or a work boot that can be done up. We are not looking for steel-toed boots)
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class 1 driver driving truck and trailer on divided highway
class 1 driver successfully backed a truck and trailer into warehouse dock
class 1 driver driving truck and trailer in winter on the highway